Popular Wedding Flowers Adding Extra Flavour

In the ancient era, there were no priests available to carry on with the wedding ritual. Couple wishes to marry crossed their hands placing on the top of each other and tied up with flower-garland. This considered them as “married” for a year and a day. This knot of flower-garland symbolizes friendship, loyalty, and true love. Things have changed and the ritual of this tied-knot is no more there. But people of this country still use popular wedding flowers for other purposes may be for the decoration or for the bridal bouquet. Even matching flowers with the bridal out-fit is a latest trend and people order flowers after deciding about the colour of the night.
Many brides prefer to use flowers by what they symbolize. There are a number of popular wedding flowers that have own meanings and brides select those that go perfectly with the theme of their wedding. For an instance, Lily is a graceful trumped shaped flower with sleek stem. It symbolizes magnificent beauty and this is the reason why many brides select this for their wedding bouquet, boutonnieres and centerpieces. Carnation is ruffle-edged and spice scented flowers that mean devotion and love. Chrysanthemum is another popular flower defining wealth, abundance, truth. Apart from these three, Dahlia represents elegance and dignity and many brides prefer to use Delphinium that symbolizes Swiftness, lightness.
The use of beautiful Orchid is also famous for wedding occasion. They have wide range of variety in colour and species. Even Orchids are popular because of their fragrance that adds a mesmerizing effect to the whole wedding ambience. Yes, it is true that availability is a factor for using orchids but flowers wholesale Ireland can assure it. Orchid is not available for the whole year. It is a little difficult to get them throughout the year as they are seasonal.
Another important factor is the expense. A couple may have the wish but it is important to think about the budget first. One can get flowers wholesale Ireland at very reasonable price. Many people do not bother about what a flower symbolizes or how much it costs but they just purchase what is available in the market for decorating wedding stage.