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There are so many great things that you can for your summer wedding. Even if it is after a few months away, your summer wedding will need preparations. It is also normal if you are considering budgeting the whole event since most are still feeling the impact of the current economy. While your budget may be tight, you can still do creative plans with it and still be able to save tremendously. Here are just some creative ways to save for your summer wedding. 1. Create a laid-back atmosphere. A lot of couples are choosing a laid-back summer than creating a great bash. Since summer is a great time to relax, it is also a great chance to make the wedding the same. For instance, instead of hiring a DJ, you can get a guitarist or a small band to provide you with the music you like to hear. For your wedding dress, you may choose a more casual look, but not only for you, but also for the entire wedding party and guests. It is known that when it comes to summer weddings, the dress that goes with are simple, and yet elegant. For a budgeted wedding, you can also choose for a simple off-the-rack dress or find your wedding gown through online sites. Spending less on your wedding gown will also let you be able to save a lot from your budget and spend it on things you want to spend it with like allocating proper funds for your wedding jewelry, food and entertainment, and the like. 2. Consider the wedding favors. Wedding favors can also be expensive especially if you are inviting a lot of guests. It is necessary that you show your appreciation to them, but if your budget is an issue, it is wise if you can find means to save. One option that you can do is to have homemade wedding favors. This will be suitable if the bride likes to bake or any of the family members want to get involved with the homemade wedding favors. 3. Use different bridesmaid dresses. A lot of brides are choosing coordinated bridesmaids dresses []. For your own wedding, let your bridesmaids choose what they want. Tell them about your preferred style and then let them choose their bridesmaid dresses and even bridesmaid jewelry. They can find an off-the-rack dress from anyplace they like. This is also an advantage to bridesmaids because they can choose dresses that they can also use even after the wedding. 4. Have your wedding at home. And to be able to save a lot, have your wedding at home. Your parents or one of your relatives may have a place for you to celebrate your union. Just imagine how much money you can save! Your wedding reception will practically get half of the wedding cost and if you can have your wedding at home, you will for certain get the savings you want.