4 Impressive Traits of Celebrity Weddings You Can Use

What sets a celebrity wedding from the thousands if not millions of smaller weddings that go on in the United States? Money is an obvious answer, but it is not the complete story. It is also how money is spent that sets apart the weddings of the rich and famous. The interesting thing about weddings is that many of the innovations that are now commonplace were passed down from the rich. For example, wedding favors were a French innovation that was done at the ceremonies of rich French nobles. So even if they are on a whole different level a celebrity wedding has some interesting features that even the average bride can incorporate into her own nuptials. Here are some examples.

Many high-end marriage ceremonies for the rich and famous are held at exclusive and unique locations. Madonna got married to Guy Ritchie at a Scottish castle. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston got married at a secluded estate in southern California. Each of these locations was exotic or exclusive. The way that you the average bride can do the same is finding an interesting location in your area. It may be a vineyard, at a golf resort, or at a well-known hotel. An innovative idea is to have the honeymoon and the ceremony at the same location.

Food is another hallmark of a high-end wedding. Many celebrities hire the services of famous chefs for their weddings. You may know some of them from television. These are chefs that have best seller recipe books are often seen on the Food Network and cook for some of the richest and well-known indie visuals on the planet. The key advantage of having such well-known chefs is high-quality dishes and hotel in personalized menus. While you may not be able to do something on the same level there are some things that you can do if you have the budget for it. For example ellen well knew her area cater the reception. Meal you get many of the same advantages at a much more affordable price

Entertainment is also another major factor. Many celebrities are either able to pull strings with fellow entertainers or afford their high appearance fees. For example, a Russian billionaire once paid Christina Aguilera $2 million to sing at his wedding. Donald Trump, who is known for doing most things lavishly, had a full orchestra to serenade his guests at his wedding to Melania Knauss. So when you think of entertainment for your reception, try to break the mold and have something other than a DJ.

When you talk about high-end marriage ceremonies and receptions you also have to talk about the wedding favors and gift bags. When a well-known personality gives gifts they are substantial. It may be something like jewelry, perfume, makeup, and electronic devices, or edible favors from exclusive restaurants. The point is that they give a gift that no one would sneeze at. So when you are deciding what gifts to give several gifts. Also, if you can give inexpensive but quality makeup or electronics, that will be a definite plus. You should also group smaller gifts together in gift bags. This will definitely make a great impression on your guest without having to spend the same amount as a celebrity.