Winter Honeymoon Ideas

Given the heat of summer, more and more people are turning to winter weddings. This makes winter honeymoons a subject you need to give some consideration to when doing your planning.
Winter Honeymoon Ideas
When you picture your honeymoon, you might think of tropical islands and ocean breezes. How about just a beachside resort or some other warm weather retreat? While these are all good ideas, not everyone one gets married in the summer or is interested in lounging on the sand. So, what is a couple to do who is getting hitched in December and would rather have adventure than pure relaxation? Here are some ideas that are sure to please your more adventurous side.
One idea that is the ski resort honeymoon. Whether you love to ski or just want to learn how, these resorts can be a perfect mix of romance and outdoor activity. One such resort is the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort in Quebec, Canada. This resort was voted one of the best ski bargains in North America, but it definitely doesn’t have a bargain feel. Mont Tremblant is a ski resort town with quaint shops and many restaurants lining the small streets of downtown. If you want to stay in the most romantic and luxurious spot in town, the Fairmont Tremblant is a five star hotel with a spa, fantastic cuisine and bars and entertainment for your nighttime pleasure.
Another ski resort that makes it into the list is the Heavenly Valley Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This resort has gondolas that travel up 9,100 feet – a perfect height to spend some alone time with your new spouse. Also available at the resort are soaks in natural hot springs, skiing (of course!) and romantic sleigh rides. This resort offers such amenities as a picnic up at 9,000 feet and a hot air balloon ride that you will never forget as you look over the snow capped peaks. The gaming tables of Lake Tahoe are close at hand if you want to try your luck at gambling. If you really enjoy trying lady luck, most of the casinos have hotels offering honeymoon packages. If you prefer a more secluded honeymoon experience, there are plenty of condos and homes for rent on a short-term basis in the area.
Most newlyweds want their honeymoon to be a knockout. If you fall in this category, there is no better destination than Switzerland. Well, if you can afford it. Prices are expensive, but a week in Interlaken is the stuff of movies. Located between the lakes of Breinz and Thun, this is a small city that feels like a Swiss village. You can stay in private Swiss chalets, eat fondue and take romantic walks under the snow capped mountains that tower over the area.
If you are considering an off-season wedding, you need to give some thought about your honeymoon. Now you have.