Wedding Cake Alternatives

The wedding cake has had a long and somewhat odd history, but has become a staple at weddings since the 20th century. Luckily, many brides are starting to get creative with their confectionary masterpieces and are going in a more unique direction. This is great not only for the brides looking to stay under budget, but for the ones who want to make their wedding uniquely their own. Here are a couple alternatives to the traditional wedding cake:
Cupcake Tree – A cupcake cake or tree is a great alternative to the traditional cake because it eliminates the need for one or more guests to spend their time cutting and serving the cake. Not only do cupcakes save time, but you can avoid the marzipan frosting that most brides hate, you can select different flavors to accommodate guests and you can even make them yourself to cut costs.
Dessert Bar – Some brides are skipping the cake altogether and opting for a dessert or candy bar for their guests to indulge in. Chocolate fountains are always a big hit at weddings, and they are usually accompanied by strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzel sticks to dip into the warm chocolate. Many brides will go for a full candy bar, filled with chocolates, gum balls and hard candy for guests to choose from. Some will even buy labeled jars or tins that guests can fill up and take home as favors.
Assortment of Pies РThis is a great idea for all of the outdoor summer weddings, and can be much less expensive than a traditional wedding cake. The great thing with pie is that the fruit can be seasonal and fresh and since there are so many kinds, you can match one to almost any theme. Beach weddings may offer a key lime pie, whereas a wedding in the mountains could have apple or peach pies. Tarts, crisps or meringues may be more up your alley, but any of these pastries is a great way to keep your guests̢EUR(TM) sweet tooth satisfied.
Cupcake Pops – Cupcake pops are one of the newest trends and are a fun way to get your cupcake fix. Cupcake pops are light and dainty and can be the perfect dessert if guests have stuffed themselves on a large buffet meal or sit-down dinner. Cupcake pops may also double as a wedding favor, and many companies can decorate them to fit your theme, or even decorate them as a mini bride and groom.
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