Using Your Wedding Cake As Guest Table Centerpieces

You’ve been there. You’re at a reception wondering who is on the other side of the table. Judging from the lush foliage in the center, you think this is a Jungle Themed wedding and you look around for the machete wedding favors [] so you can hack through the underbrush just to talk to your table mates. Or the centerpiece is a strand of raffia wrapped around a tea light with a sprig of baby’s breath garnish, so insignificant someone drops a napkin on it and you have to put out the blaze with your sparkling cider.
Feast or famine.
You swear that your reception will be nothing like that. But what do you do?
How about this clever idea: Let the wedding cake save the day!
How? Have a smaller wedding cake, just the right size for the wedding party. Save a tier to eat at the event and a tier to put in the freezer for the first anniversary celebration. To make the wedding cake the focal point of the reception, place it on a pedestal on a table with an elegant tablecloth and the Bridal bouquet.
Have your baker make cakes for each table at the reception. Two layers are adequate and the size depends on how many will be seated at each table. Eight inch cake for a more intimate setting. Twelve inch for a larger group. The decorations could be a simpler version of the Bride’s cake or could be a compliment to the wedding itself. For instance, the cakes could match the bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets. Or they could all be gold or silver to match the wedding rings. A group of mini cakes or collection of cupcakes might fit your theme better. Maybe the cupcakes could be decorated like the flowers in the wedding. In the center of the table put a charger of your choice, toile, or whatever would fit in with your theme, then put the cakes on top. Be sure to provide a knife for each table and you have a wonderful centerpiece. Not too high. Not too low. Not combustible. Just right!
After the customary “feeding-each-other-slathering-faces-with-icing” photo session, the guests don’t have to stand in line waiting for cake. They are also able to control portion sizes and don’t have to be embarrassed about going for seconds.
Now, you’re probably wondering about cost. This idea came from an actual wedding. Since the wedding cake was smaller than normal and the guest table cakes eliminated the need for extra sheet cakes, the price fit into the cake budget. But, of course, there is the variable of location and the bakery you chose. However, don’t be afraid to ask for a deal or a discount. Also, this idea took the place of whatever would have been spent on the centerpieces such as flowers, vases and ribbons so the money saved there will help offset the price of the cakes. The chargers can be purchased in a bulk or discount store and the cake serving sets might be included in the table setting price. The guests at this wedding thought it was a unique idea and thoroughly enjoyed the edible centerpiece