Use All Natural Makeup For More Beautiful Skin

It was believed that 6000 years ago men and women wore make up. This is not the chemical-based we have these days, but all-natural paint for their nails and faces. And yes, men wore make up too. In fact, they were the first people who explored makeup. But as time went by, women dominated the makeup scene. Too bad, the all-natural components were substituted by chemical ones.
Sure, chemical-based makeups are more vibrant than any other. Still the issue remains: makeup is created by chemical pigments which is harmful for the body; very much harmful. It has very bad side effects that one might not feel right now but in the near future, it will all manifest.
What are the side effects of chemical-based makeup?
Harmful makeup content include parabens, formaldehyde and sodium lauryl sulphate. These are really strong chemicals which has adverse effects on skin. Allergies and skin irritation may occur due to these chemicals. Some have reported eczema which is really difficult to treat. Other comments were blackened lips and triggering factors for acne and the likes. These are some of the bad effects of chemical-based makeup.
This is the main reason why all-natural makeup is being patronized once more.
Makeup is supposed to make you beautiful. It is an enhancing factor to make your face lovely and pretty. But if you are using all kinds of chemicals and lavishly putting it on your face, you are destroying yourself. So, why not go back to what Romans, Greeks and Egyptians like Cleopatra used to wear thousands of years ago? You have to go back and use all-natural makeup.
The greatest advantage in using all-natural makeup is that it does not destroy your face. And since it is all-natural, you can wear it for longer hours and you will not have to worry about it. Another good thing about all-natural makeup is that it has a “smooth skin” effect. All-natural makeup is made up of natural minerals and these colored pigments makes the skin fairer and clearer. Unlike chemical-based makeup which triggers acne formation, mineral-based all-natural makeup will even clear up your skin.
If you support all-natural makeup, you are helping the environment too. You will also be promoting animal protection rights. (Oh yes, chemical-based makeup are being tested on dogs and some of them do not get to live long because of the harmful effects.)
It seems that there are only good points in using all-natural makeup. And major makeup companies now are aware of their clients preference – all-natural makeup is dominating the industry. It may cost slightly higher for those branded ones. But there are the same in components with other companies who sell a tad lower. Use all-natural mineral makeup; it is for your own good.