Top 5 Reasons to Use Natural Organic Beauty Products

Most people are in the quest to look and feel good. In that process, the harm and manage that we do to our body is something that we hardly take notice of. But when a sudden body ailment hits us, that is when we try to analyse and see what we have been using on ourselves. Going organic is truly the best way. And if you ask €why€, then here’s why.

Our Skin Is an Easy Absorbent
Any product that we apply on our body, it is immediately soaked into the skin. The beauty products like lipstick, lip balm, mascara, moisturizers, etc., are easily absorbed into our blood stream. So you can only imagine where these toxic chemicals in our make-up are headed to.

To Battle the Rise of Cancer and Other Diseases
It is common knowledge that many of the essential beauty products that we use have ingredients that causes cancer. Sulfates, Polyethylene Glycol, Triclosan are some of the known cancer causing agents. So much has been said and written about cancer causing ingredients. Lesser known evils of these ingredients are that it leads to birth defects, autism, stunted growth, etc.

To Protect Your Unborn Child
Little do we realise that the chemicals that are naturally being absorbed into our skin also affects the little one in our womb. Lab tests have shown that newborns have up to 232 different toxic chemicals in them when they are born. Not only are you being affected, you are passing it on to the next generation too. Switching over to products like supercritical Chia Oil which has antioxidants and vitamins is very important. They also boost your immunity and give you the most wow-worthy skin ever.

A Little Dab Also Matters
We often think that a spray, dab or a brush of cosmetics harms nobody. But this is accumulated over time and starts showing their effects much later than we would expect. The food that we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink has enough harmful particles and substances that can cause permanent damage to human. In UK, natural organic beauty products are easily available, provided you take the effort and look for it.

Go Organic!
If we replace our essential beauty products with natural organic beauty products, then we could go a long way in protecting ourselves and our families. While buying natural products, do not go by the label that says €natural’ or €organic’. There is no real standard prescribed to put those words there. However, take the extra time and effort to read the ingredients in the back of the cover. This will give you a real idea as to what it really contains, the percentage and whether it is truly organic/ natural.