Tips for a Green Wedding

Of the number of women who are getting engaged and married today, 45% are using the environmentally friendly method of tying the knot. This has been reported as the results of a survey conducted online by a 2009 Internet survey conducted by David’s Bridal. Not exactly a statistic yet, the latest in trends is expected to continue and caterers, florists, DJs, honeymoon vacation spot, drivers as well as the wedding planner are becoming more green aware.

When one considers there are approximately 2.5 million nuptials exchanged each year, the current trend is that a small amount are going green by the evidence of the trash from one single wedding. The green wedding has at least one thing in common when it comes to conserving the earth’s resources and that is the reduction of trash.

Green – Why for Weddings?

The dream wedding can produce about 200 tons of CO2 per wedding and even the simplest wedding will produce about 110 tons.

Green wedding are considered to be an omen of the way the bride and groom will live later. This also has an effect on the guests at the wedding as well as the family members. Everyone there will have more of an understanding of how to accomplish going green. This can be a great wedding subject of the guest and set the example for how to go green at home thus preserving and respecting the wonder of nature all around us.

The best way of saving money at a wedding is to plan a green wedding. The engagement ring and the wedding ring do not have to be brand new. Heirloom diamonds passed down through the family will work. Checking at your local thrift store or an estate sale can allow the couple to exchange old fashioned rings during their wedding. There are many rings that are gorgeous that can be purchased this way and save you a good deal of money.

At what point do you begin to plan a green wedding?

Those who are fashion conscious and money savvy as well as those conscious of going green will allow the leftovers from their wedding to be donated to shelters for battered and abused women and children. They will plant trees as a tribute to the wedding, their new found relatives and the guests who have come to enjoy their special day. Instead of gifts they ask that the wedding guests make a contribution to their favorite charity in honor of their wedding.

Use garden flowers and wildflowers as the wedding d├ęcor and for the bouquets.

Just as you were taught when you were a child, if you go camping or anywhere else you go, leave the area as if you have never been there, the green wedding is the same as a clean wedding. The celebration should not leave tell-tale signs of your celebration for others to clean up. From the engagement to the honeymoon clean should be the motto.

The wedding invitations do not have to be made of paper. There are websites, for instance, and that are online invitations created and sent as well.

Green wedding gifts:

* Have no “blood diamonds”.
* Decrease their carbon footprint when the wedding is over.
* Can be helpful donations to various causes as a remembrance of their wedding.
* Are not as luxurious as others.
* Are more energy efficient.

In general those who choose green nuptials and honeymoons will be showing that they respect the environment and they will have less expense than others across the nation.