The Three Most Versatile Samsonite Travel Bags

Samsonite bags are known for their strength, utility and style. No wonder they are famous all over the world and the preferred choice of the quintessential traveller. The article lays down three of the most versatile Samsonite bags.
With the needs of the modern traveller getting more and more detailed and complex, and technology getting more and more advanced, the idea of a travel bag has undergone a sea change. So Samsonite, the world renowned multinational luggage manufacturer and retailer, has brought to the forefront a plethora of options for the modern buyer to choose from. It aims to give them the privilege of deviating from the standard travel bag, the good old suitcase, and select from creations that are varied, diverse and ten times more versatile. Three of the most usable and versatile Samsonite bags include:
1. Samsonite Travel/ Laptop Backpack:
The Samsonite Travel/ Laptop Backpacks are perfect for those who are into hiking, making their way through rough terrains and into carrying heavy items. It is also a great option for those who have shoulder problems. Armed with improved tear strength, they are made keeping rough conditions in mind and usually come with a dividable main compartment. The bags have a top opening with hooped lower entry zips to lend quick and hassle free access to the content inside. Besides, they come with shoulder straps that distribute the weight of the bag and prevent it from getting concentrated on one side and triggering shoulder pain. This facilitates easy transportation and makes the gear score extremely high on the functionality meter. Capacity wise, they do fairly well and let the user accommodate a lot of things. Many versions have durable grip handles, detachable padded straps, side pockets, front pockets, bottle holders, etc. to make it more convenient for the user.
2. Samsonite Albi Duffle:
The Samsonite Albi Duffle bags are excellent carry ons. Their unique design makes them a common choice for athletes, sports enthusiasts and all those who go for sudden trips, weekend rides and frequent office tours, and their appropriate size allows them to be used as check in/ cabin luggage. They are somewhat boxy/ cylindrical in shape accompanied by zipper chains. They are light to carry and have a decent load capacity.
3. Samsonite Upright/ Spinner trolley bags:
Yet another versatile type and a fashion statement for many, the Samsonite Uprights and the Spinners are trolley bags that are indispensable for all those who want ease of movement and wish to carry a lot of things when travelling. Flaunting a rectangular shape, they come with wheels and a long telescopic handle. Their ergonomic design makes them hugely popular and travellers find it easy to roll them at an inclined angle. They are made lightweight and offer a lot of packing space.