My Wedding Candy Bar

This is my attempt to inform you, the general public, of my newest discovery in the wide world of wedding planning – the wedding candy bar. My story starts as any fairytale would, always a bridesmaid, never the bride. I’ve been the in the semi-pro’s for quite some time, helping friends and acquaintances plan their wedding receptions and the like. I’ve been told I have a great eye for such things and so the honor seemed to follow me around for quite some time. I averaged about four to five weddings a year for the past few so my experience has been sorted as one would expect. But then it was my turn to go and I wanted to set myself apart – not from some bitter resentment to the wedding community, but rather to tell myself that my passion for my own wedding night would exceed my artistic talents devoted to someone else.
One of the things I’ve always wanted to try, but have never been courageous enough to place into someone else’s wedding was a wedding candy bar. Only recently becoming a viable option with the resurgence of online wedding candy, and the stabilization of the mainstream shipping options, wedding candy bars can be had at a reasonable price with potentially high impact. If one so desired, you could potentially set up your entire wedding candy bar from the comfort of your own home – armed with only a laptop and a healthy eye for the decadent. Candied goods and other morsels of confectionary delicacies can now be purchased in bulk at an online candy store and shipped express directly to your front door without so much as an effort of the wrist. Now as you can see, I’ve already sold myself on the idea of a wedding candy bar, my only logical next set was the execution.
I set off my quest by setting up the floor plan of my reception area. For a wedding candy bar to be successful, one needs to know the layout of the room. You must consider where the guests will be seated to the orientation of the wedding party. Even the location and elevation of the wedding cake (the prized centerpiece of the night) must be carefully weighed upon for your wedding candy buffet to be a success. My room, thankfully, was pretty straightforward with an arch of guests on the main floor, separated from the wedding party by the center buffet lines, highlighted by the cake which would set delicately on the wedding candy bar.
The big decision was made for the wedding candy bar to be integrated seamlessly into the wedding cake for both an aesthetic sparkle, and the logistical function of accenting the centerpiece for the night. Imagine an assortment of wedding candy lain gracefully across a white-clothed table paying homage to the layers of cake and frosting perched high upon it’s thrown of white pillars. My imagination ran wild as I concocted a list of online candy to place into my wedding candy buffet. My mind wandered to Jordan Almonds, chocolate fountains, mounds of Hersheys Kisses, piles of personalized M&M’s, and trays of chocolate dipped strawberries. Accented by gold foil and lavender ribbon, this wedding candy bar would be as delicious as it was a sight to behold.
Set on what I wanted my wedding candy bar [] to look like, I set out on putting these things together. First, for obvious reasons, came the candy itself which I purchased with ease from an online candy store []. I made sure to place my order with expedited shipping, as my July wedding would have made for a harsh shipping condition for delicate chocolates and soft chewable candy. When my candy arrived and I had my fill of “taste testing” the contents, I set about to write down a plan for the arraignment that I wished to have. I would undoubtedly be preoccupied during the night, so my instructions needed to be easy enough for an assistant to assemble my wedding candy bar with ease. My last and most important instruction is for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Do not hesitate to join the guest for a walk up to your beautiful wedding candy buffet and partaking in its glorious contents.