Fun Wedding DIY Crafts With Paper

Looking for some fun projects you can make for your wedding? Paper crafts are among the easiest DIY crafts to make, and there are tons of wonderful projects from which to choose. Get inspired by these fun wedding DIY crafts with paper.
Neon colors are a very hot wedding trend this year, and you can make some fantastic decorations using paper in those intense hues. I especially love the idea of making tissue paper flowers in day-glo orange, lime green, hot pink, and yellow. It would look super cool for the bride to carry a neon paper blossom bouquet. Just imagine how the colors will pop against a white bridal gown. Dramatic wedding jewelry and a pair of shocking pink shoes will complete the style.
Paper chains are something else that you can make with paper for your wedding. Think about the old school chains you used to make as a kid out of strips of paper – this is the same idea. To make them appropriate for a wedding, use special paper like patterned origami paper. Or use solid color paper strips in your wedding colors. They would be a terrific decoration for a wide open reception space, like an outdoor site or suspended from the rafters of a barn. What an easy and inexpensive way to add a lot of color to a big space. Best of all, making paper chains is so simple that you can enlist anyone to help you…even your groom!
Fluffy paper pom poms are another great idea for a wedding paper craft. They are usually made with tissue paper or crepe paper. You can use large pom poms in quite a number of different ways. The colors you select will have a big effect on the tone of your party, so be sure to select colors that make sense with the overall feeling you are creating with your flowers, bridesmaid dresses and wedding jewelry sets, and table decor. Create an ethereal look by filling the ceiling of an indoor reception venue with white and ivory poms. Or design a festive feeling for an outdoor summer wedding with paper balls in fuchsia, tangerine, and green. Crimson, aqua, and white poms will create a retro vibe. Paper poms are not just for hanging from ceilings; they can also go on chair backs, on shepherd’s hooks lining the aisle, or almost any place else you can imagine.
Your wedding favor wrappers are another DIY craft option. Certainly you can make special wrapping paper for boxes by stamping or stenciling a motif on paper. You can also create little paper cones (perfect for holding Jordan almonds), tiny paper baskets, or decorative flat bags. The number one tip is to limit yourself to a number of paper crafts that you can realistically complete before your wedding, and to start crafting early. Your fantastic paper projects will definitely add a lot of color and charm to your wedding.