Beach Weddings – Puerto Rico Style

An overwhelming number of couples who plan for a memorable beach wedding never fail to include Caribbean islands among their primary choices. And one of those that make it to almost every short list is Puerto Rico. It’s not surprising for the island that lives up to its title, “La Isla del Encanto” – meaning, The Island of Enchantment.
Island of Enchanting Beaches
The main island of Puerto Rico and its smaller cousins are dotted with white sand beaches, pristine waters, and palm trees. There’s Luquillo Beach for families, Pine Grove for swimmers, Rincon for surfers (in fact, it’s dubbed ‘Little Malibu’), and Playa Esperanza for snorkeling. There are also beaches that are ideal for simply gazing at the perfect scenery.
Hotels, villas, and inns near the seashore allow guests to set out for early morning and late afternoon strolls on the cooled sand, with the refreshing sea breeze blowing on their bodies. This type of atmosphere makes Puerto Rico an ideal location for couples to tie the knot.

Popular Puerto Rico Wedding Venues
Among the first-class wedding venues are Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino in San Juan, El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Horned Dorset Primavera in Rincon, Hotel El Convento in San Juan, and El San Juan Hotel and Casino in Carolina.
Weddings in Puerto Rico [] can be capped off with a honeymoon in San Juan’s At Wind Chimes Inn, Patillas’ Caribe Playa, Utuado’s Casa Grande Mountain Retreat, Rincón’s Casa Isleña Inn, Culebra’s Club Seabourne, and Vieques’ Hacienda Tamarindo.

Requirements for Weddings in Puerto Rico

In order to have a true-blue Puerto Rico wedding [] in La Isla del Encanto, couples don’t have to be local residents. Outsiders can get married here for as long as they can show their birth certificates, divorce and spouse death decrees (when applicable), IDs, passport, certain medical lab tests, and a 10-day old (or less) health license. There might be other requirements but you can check them out online.