Indoor and Outdoor Weddings Wedding Gowns

Richmond, Virginia and Richmond upon Thames in the UK have something more in common than just the name! The US location has a reputation for being great for romance, and the UK’s version is no different. In our Richmond, bridal venues fit a wide variety of requirements and all the infrastructure is in place to plan your perfect day: wedding gowns, photographers, caterers, florists, and event planners are on hand to take care of everything.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, there are many picturesque locations to choose from in either Richmond. Bridal arrangements can be made for the wedding of your dreams to suit any type of location – but you must make sure the gown matches the occasion. Here are the two most popular kinds of weddings and our tips for choosing the perfect dress.

Garden Weddings

Whether it’s in the royal gardens of the palaces in the United Kingdom or plantation landscapes in Virginia, outdoor garden weddings are definitely becoming more fashionable, particularly in our Richmond! Bridal gown designs for a garden wedding can cover a wide scope of fabrics and styles to make you look your most blooming – after all, you should be the prettiest flower there!

For a summer or spring garden wedding take your inspiration from nature itself. Dress designs can range from full taffeta and tulle ball gowns, reminiscent of a rose or peony in full bloom, to soft organza dresses that mimic the delicate beauty of lilies or body hugging silk shantung with exquisite details that imitate the tight petals of a bud. Ruffles, flounces, lace, and floral appliques or embroidery are some of the details that make for perfection – but remember, more is not always more when it comes to a wedding dress and you should be mindful of, not overdoing it.

Manor House Weddings

If your ideal wedding is one that evokes dreams of the glorious past, you’ll definitely want to set it in any of the stunning Georgian manors in Richmond. Bridal themes can go all out, with finery evocative of the pomp and elegance of historic weddings – some brides even hire special planners to recreate every detail from the days of old.
For an elegant and luxurious theme in a manor house, there are many options for gowns – ranging from classic elegance to vintage and historic period pieces. The most important thing is to choose one that is tailored to your body type, keeping in mind details that flatter your assets and camouflage your flaws. There is nothing stopping you from wearing full gowns with petticoats, for instance, but if you are full-figured, your designer can help create one that will not add to your bulk.